2015 Bachelor of Visual Art [Honours] – Adelaide Central School of Art, South Australia

Solo Exhibitions
2017          Port-all, Sawtooth ARI, Launceston, Tasmania

                  Submerge, ACE Across at ACE Open, Adelaide, South Australia 

2016         Port-all, FELTspace, Adelaide, South Australia

2015          The Sailcloth Work, Mint Artist Studios, Adelaide, South Australia

Selected Group Exhibitions / Projects
2018 Primal : Ephemeral Eco Art Residency, Streaky Bay, South Australia

Leeward Bride, collaboration Christina Peek, Floating Goose Studios inc. Adelaide, South Australia

2016                Four Walls, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

                        Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide, South Australia

2015                Propositions, Adelaide Central School of Art, South Australia

                        FELTpublic, Ephemeral Public Art Project for FELTspace, Whitmore Square, South Australia

                        Wish You Were Here, Adelaide Central Gallery, South Australia

                         Provenance, Adelaide Central Gallery, South Australia

2014                Breaking Silence, Adelaide Central School of Art, South Australia

2016                FELTspace Philanthropic Fund

2015                Adelaide Festival of Arts’ Destination Art: Emirates Artist Development Opportunity

2014                James Martin Award for most Outstanding Graduate Student (BVA)

2017           Submerge, Ayatana Artist's Research Program, Ottawa, Canada

2016               Dos Mares International Residency Program, Marseille, France

2018 Interview for Primal : Ephemeral Eco Art Residency.
Viewable at:

2017            Tower, A. 2017, 'Shipshaped', catalogue essay for Submerge at ACE Across for ACE Open.
                       Viewable at:

2016                Boisvert, E. 2016, ‘World of Weather and Art’ Guardian Messenger, 10th February, p. 12

                        Interview at Dos Mares, Marseille. Viewable at:

2015                Lloyd, T. 2015, ‘Young artists’ Euro adventure’ The Advertiser, 1st June, p. 28 

2017            Co-founder of Verso - an online platform for writing in the visual arts


Edwina Cooper is an Adelaide based artist producing kinetic sculptural and installation works. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015. Cooper currently works out of a warehouse/studio in western Adelaide. In developing her practice she has been influenced by her experiences as a competitive sailor. She has a continued interest in ways in which humans experience and interact with oceanic thresholds.

In 2014, Edwina won the James Martin Award for most Outstanding Graduate Student (BVA). In 2015, Edwina collaborated with Sam Howie for FELTspace’s ephemeral public art project FELTpublic. In 2016, Edwina exhibited with Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne in a group show called Four Walls. She was awarded the Adelaide Festival of Arts’ Destination Art: Emirates Artist Development Opportunity, which enabled her to travel to Marseille in May/June 2016 to undertake a three week research residency at Dos Mares. The outcomes of this residency was presented FELTspace in November 2016, in an exhibition titled Port-all. In July 2017, Edwina travelled to Canada to take part in a residency with Ayatana Artists' Research Residency Program. This activity was supported by the Adelaide Central School of Art's Graduate Support Program. Selected works from both residencies in France and Canada were shown at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston in December 2017. In 2018, Edwina collaborated with fellow Adelaide artist Christina Peek, resulting in an entirely new body of work shown at Floating Goose Studios inc. In December of 2018, Edwina travelled to Streaky Bay and worked with local artists Lauren Karp and Toni Foster to install a new site responsive public art work for the shelter shed at Doctors Beach.